Follow these basic steps to secure your accounts.

  1. Review the permissions granted to third-party applications and services that have access to your accounts.
  2. Revoke the permissions of third-party applications and services you don't recognise or don't use.
  3. Check off the reviewed services on the list.


Check off the services you have reviewed.

Amazon icon Shopping. docs review
Google icon Gmail, Maps, Docs, YouTube, and more. docs review
Facebook icon Social network. review
Twitter icon Social network. docs review
Microsoft icon Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, and more. review
LinkedIn icon Social network. review
Instagram icon Photo-sharing. review
Tumblr icon Microblogging. review
Adobe icon Software. review
Buffer icon Managing social network accounts. review
Dropbox icon Cloud storage. review
GitHub icon Hosting service for software development. docs review
GitLab icon Code collaboration platform. review
Instapaper icon Bookmarking service. review
Goodreads icon Find and share books. review
Blinkist icon Summaries of non-ficiton books. review
Meetup icon Event management and organizatoin. review
Reddit icon social news, and -media aggregation. review
YouTube icon Video. review
Spotify icon Music streaming platform. review
SoundCloud icon Music and audio streaming platform. review
Patreon icon Membership platform. review
Pocket icon Bookmarking. review
Vimeo icon Video. review
Evernote icon Note-taking app. review
Heroku icon Cloud platform-as-a-service review
Slack icon Cloud-based team communication and collaboration. review
Snapchat icon Photo messaging app. review icon Blogging platform. docs review icon Shopping. review
Atlassian icon Collaboration tools. review

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